The Line House

Special Tour for Visitors


Enjoy the High Land Sight!!

You can take a walk around rich nature in Bawlana village with coordinator and villagers. You will see the panoramic view from high area, the water fall flowed on immense rocks, heavily wooded man-made pine forest and Tamil temple merged with native-grown trees and rocks in the village. What is more, if weather permits,  you can see Kandy city on the distant horizon from the hill and myriad stars in the night sky and shiny sunrise too.



Try Tamil Curry Cooking!!

You can learn basic Tamil cooking at firewood oven in the line house. First, grinding all spices with stone mill called “Wangeti” and putting coconut oil and ingredients in the pot heated by the fire wood…….Moreover, many vegetables are cultivated in the private field near the line house and easily get fresh milk cause residents raise cows to get milk. You ought to experience such a spice of “self-sufficient” life actually.



Experience Tea Picking & Cow Milk Pumping!!

You can experience tea picking by the historical way and also see beautiful view from the hilly tea field. Picked leaf has been dried for a few days, after that, via some making tea process, we can drink original home-made tea. If you like, you can enjoy milk tea using fresh milk from resident’s cows.



Visit Historical Line Houses!!

You can visit line houses constructed for the tea worker’s 130 years ago in Bawlana with coordinator. Some houses are ruined already because of tea industry’s decline in this region but most of houses are still used by tea worker’s descendants through unique customizing history. You can visit inside of houses and actually see interesting living space like praying space or kitchen to know Tamil culture and their history deeply.



Taste their play and culture!!

You can experience Srilankan children’s play and their culture like cricket, “caron” similar to pocket billiards or “mehendi” painting cultural pattern on the body.


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Our Recommended “Model Tour”

Historical Heritage Course/歴史遺産をめぐる

Colombo/コロンボ → Kandy/キャンディ(仏歯寺など) → Ancient City of Sigiriya/シーギリヤ・ロック → Bawlana/バウラーナ → Peradenia/ペラデニャ(植物園など) → Colombo/コロンボ

Tea Culture Course/紅茶文化に触れる

Colombo/コロンボ → Kandy Ceylon Tea Museum/紅茶博物館→ Lulukandura/ルルカンドゥラ(スリランカ初の紅茶の商業生産地) → Bawlana/バウラーナ → Colombo/コロンボ