The Line House

The Line House

Stay in The Line House

1Night 35USD/Person  (2 Beds/Including Dinner & Breakfast)

The Line House is the small Guest House located at 1,000M elevation hilly area in Bawlana Village. We reconstructed unused historical line house space originally constructed more than 130 years ago (1883)  as the guest house room based on the concept of maximizing building’s cultural and historical fascinations with Japanese architecture team.

Our guest house is not good access place, takes 45 min from Kandy by the bus after going through the steep path, and has no convenient facilities like normal hotels in the room. But, this is the same condition with local residents in the line houses.  Therefore, we believe  you can spend slow time and have chance to experience real tea worker’s history.

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Special Optional Tour

1Tour 15USD/Guest (3-6 Hours/Excluding Transportation Fee)

We have some optional tour for Guests and Visitors cooperating closely with actual line house residents and community members. Our guest house coordinators and cooperated local people will provide guests the opportunities of cultural experience or taking guests beautiful points in the village based on guest’s request. You can select your interesting tour&experience among options.

  1. Nature : Enjoy the High land Sight
  2. Cooking : Try Tamil Curry Cooking
  3. Livelihood : Tea Picking & Cow Milk Pumping
  4. Architecture : Visiting Historical Line Houses
  5. Culture : Taste People’s Play and Culture

We are welcome to Tour-Only-customers. Feel free to ask the details by e-mail “”

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Tour Coordinators ( selected among local young people) have been trained English and hospitality by the Japanese donor support to work in their village in the future .

-Tour Head Coordinator- :

Ms. Mano  (Resident of Line House)

We hope many tourists would visit our small rural village ,where i was born and live, and enjoy staying in the Line House reconstructed by the Japanese team in 2015. We local coordinators could take you historical & cultural places you are interested in around house and experience Tamil culture based on your request during stay time.

-Supporting Team Members- :

Architect: Mr. Toru OBA
(Toru OBA Architects)

The line houses physically and specifically represent the origin of the village and history of the
residents in this region. I strongly hope that many guests would visit here and stay in this unique guest house! You will find something special in slow time!

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Researcher: Dr. Masahiro MAEDA
(Assistant Professor of Kyoto University)

The line houses faces crisis of collapse because it’s harder than ever to find the good jobs for local young generations. Certainly this project is not big impact so far but I believe there are many possibilities in developing local people’s life and relations in many ways.  I am glad if you would join the members of developing this region together!

Through Research activity, I would like to reveal not only the historical&cultural value of the line houses but also the positive effect for village community  through the social business(guest house management& local tourism).

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